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Scholarship for Chinese Language Programs: RMB2000-6000/year

Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs: RMB10000-20000/year

Scholarship for Graduate Programs for Master’s Degree:RMB15000-30000/year.

Scholarship for Ph.D. Programs: RMB15000-30000/year.

About HDU Scholarship for International Students

HDU is not entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) students. However, there are two types of scholarship that you can find at our university:

Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and
HDU Scholarship for international students.

If you are new students, the above two scholarships are not separately applied. They should be applied together with the admission application. Therefore, the easiest way for the new applicants to apply the scholarship is to tickle "scholarship" on the HDU admission application form, which can be download here.

Please read our admission introduction to understand the undergraduate and postgraduate programs for September intake 2016. Please send the required documents to us via email before June 30, 2016. Now we are open to receive applications for September intake 2016. Early application gets bigger opportunity to get the scholarship for new students.

Not like the CGS, the above two types of scholarship are delivered in cash. There is no minor categories of tuition fee, dormitory fee and living allowance.

After deducting the tuition fee's payment automatically by the financial system, the rest of the scholarship will be delivered to the students' local bank cards in RMB. The financial department will apply a local bank card (Bank of Communication) for new students after they successfully registered.
According to HDU fees rate (tuition and dormitory fees) and the amount of the two mentioned
scholarships, the students usually need to prepare extra money for their living expenses to support their study in the university.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to write emails to us.

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