Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Hangzhou Dianzi University & Study in hdu

Application Process

How to apply

1. Students submit the application documents in correct format to or before the deadline. The admission officer will process your application then.

2. After a careful consideration of your material, HDU will send you a confirmation email.

3. After receiving the confirmation mail, you are required to complete the registration fee payment and send back the receipt.

4. HDU will prepare the JW-202 form and the admission letter for the students as soon as receiving the registration fee payment receipt.

5. HDU will send the documents to the students by express mail.

6. Students go to the local Chinese Embassy with required visa application paper (refer to the local Chinese Embassy website) to apply for X or X2 visa.

7. When getting the visa, the students may book the air tickets and prepare to come to HDU. Please inform the HDU staff of your flight information.

Admission Requirement

1.  Chinese Language Program Applicant
Under the age of 30 with High School or Middle School Certificate or Diploma
2.  Undergraduate Program Applicant
Under the age of 30 with High School or Middle School Certificate or Diploma
3.  Master Degree Program Applicant
Under the age of 35 with B.A Degree Certificate or Diploma
4.  Doctor Degree Program Applicant
Under the age of 35 with Master Degree Certificate or Diploma

(1) Above applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens in good health, Non-criminal Record foreigners who guarantee to observe Chinese disciplines and laws, obey the university rules and regulations and respect Chinese culture and customs during his/her study in P.R. China.
(2) Applicants for Chinese-taught Programs must hold HSK4 Certificate or above.
(3) Applicants for the above English-taught Programs, Chinese proficiency is not required.But, either TOEFL (above 80) or IELTS (above 5.5) or the related Certification must be provided to meet the university requirement.

Application Document

Future student are expected to send the below required document to the assigned email
address before the application deadline (refer to Timetable).
Document List*:
1.  Application Form
2.  University Scholarship Application Form
3.  Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship Application Form*
4.  Passport page & Valid Visa Page (if the applicant’s been to or in China, provide the latest
Entry Record)
5.  Highest Degree Certificate or Diploma
6.  Highest Degree Transcript
7.  HSK Certificate (for Chinese-taught Program Applicants)
8.  TOFEL or IELTS Certificates (for English-taught Program Applicants)
9.  Non-criminal Record Certificate issued by the local security of the host country
10. Financial Support Statement*
11. Transfer Statement*
12. One Digital Picture

* University Scholarship Application Form, Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship Application Form, Transfer Statement are optional while the rest of the documents are all required for application.
* Future students can choose either University Scholarship or Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship to apply.
* Financial Support Statement refers to parent’s salary bank statement for at least 6 months or deposit certificate.
* Students who transfer from other universities of China, please send us the following documents in addition to above documents:
a. Transfer letter from the current university (with the name and telephone number of the contact teacher who issues the transfer letter).
b. Transcript and attendance record of study in the current university. The student shall leave his/her correct Email Address and Telephone Number for further contact or admission package delivery.
If there is any person recommending you (contact person) in China, please leave his/her name, mail address and telephone number in the application form.
Please send all the documents to: Each document shall be no bigger than 400kb.

Application Timetable

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